Vieraskirja (Guest Book) was a dance theatre piece made in collaboration with the touring stage of The Finnish National Theatre and dance-theatre company Sivuun Ensemble. It examined the pain of isolation and was part of the Loneliness project sponsored by the Ministry of Culture.

The three characters onstage each cope with their loneliness in their own personal way and encounter each other briefly. The piece is realized by minimalistic choreography and mixes elements of contemporary dance and physical theatre. In the process each per- former reflected their own experiences and memories of loneliness and isolation.

The performance toured mainly in retirement homes, prisons and other institutions where the inhabitants don’t have the possibility to go to the theatre.

“Mikko Niemistö är den unge pojken vars mjukhet blir ett öppet sår i skolkorridoren där hockeykillarna regerar.” Isabella Rothberg, Hufvudstadsbladet, 27.10.2014

Artistic director: Ninni Perko
Coreography: Ninni Perko and working group
Performance: Leena Gustavson, Kati Kallio and Mikko Niemistö Music: Jarmo Saari
Texts: Nina Saikkonen, working group, Christina Rossetti Visualization: Hanna Sakara and Heini Maaranen Photos: Hanna Sakara

Premiered 21 October 2014 at Lapinlahti hospital, Helsinki.