Varokaa, Punk tulee!

Photo: Elina Niemistö
Photo: Elina Niemistö

Varokaa, Punk tulee! (Watch Out, Punk is Coming!) combines urban storytelling, physical theatre and documentary theatre. By focusing on a cultural movement that described itself as “honest”, the piece also critically reflects on the parameters of “good” art. Through its stripped-down aesthetics and “unpolished” acting, the realization of the piece follows the ideals of the punk movement.

“The constant repetition used in both the script and the choreography
is a good effect – and a very punkish style…The performers are also skilled – they captivate as expressive storytellers and creators of dramatic situations” Maria Säkö,, 23.04.2013

Directed by: Mikko Niemistö
Script: Lauri Niskanen
On stage: Inka Kunnala, Sanna Liski, Riikka Niemistö, Janne Niinivaara, Lauri Niskanen
Produced by: Mysteeriteatteri

Premiered 17 April 2013 at Suvilahti Cultural Centre, Helsinki, Part of Lainsuojattomat 2013 Theatre Festival in Pori, Finland
Supported by the City of Helsinki Cultural Office.


Maria Säkö, 23.04.2013 (in finnish)

Muistelmia eräästä nuorisoliikkeestä, Louna-Tuuli Luukka, Esitys -magazine 13.09.2013 (in finnish)