Photos: Saara Autere

”Starting from a melancholy party preparation, Birthday transforms into an increasingly intensive one-man revelry…Each object has a specific energy and they have a life of their own: the guitar plays itself, the coffeemaker grumbles rhythmically and the ball of ice tied to a fishing rod melts.” -Maria Säkö, Helsingin Sanomat 24.2.2017

Birthday is a dismantled solo that aims to break down subjectivity and expand agency from the performer to a collection of personal everyday objects and natural materials. The performance becomes a ritualistic creation of worlds and landscapes both within the human body and in the shared space of the performance event.




”As a clearly composed series where themes and ideas are developed and investigated, at times with clarity, at times more openly, the whole becomes essay-like…The rhythm and logic of the concept and production combined with Mikko Niemistö straightforward and sympathetically laconic execution, enables one to closely follow the more than hour-long performance.”-Jan-Peter Kaiku, Hufvudstadsbladet 24.2.2017

Birthday is an action of building and dismantling. It examines the human body as a thing that extends to objects, clothes and the space around it. A thing that is nonlinear and exists simultaneously in the past, present and future.




Birthday is an assemblage of human and non-human materials, movements and memories that reside in the border between control and freedom. The choreography comes together through a composition of rhythms that the collection of mechanical and natural, organic and synthetic elements produce.

Working group

Concept, choreography and performance: Mikko Niemistö
Visual design: Anastasia Artemeva
Sound design: Johannes Vartola
Mentor: Maija Hirvanen

Birthday premiered as part of Mad House Helsinki’s 4th season 22th February 2017 at 19.00.

Other performances: 23th and 24th February 2017 at 19.00

Review: Haavoittuva ihmiskeho saa uusia näkökulmia Mad House Helsingin esityksissä. Maria Säkö. 24.2.2017. Helsingin sanomat.  (in Finnish)