Inspired by George Orwell’s famous science-fiction novel 1984, 2084 combined live art, dance, circus and music. The performance shedded light on the dystopies and unwanted visions of the future imagined by each group member. The group members – two sound designers, a dancer, a circus artist and a performance artist – all participated in the piece using the artform they are specialized in. Improvisation played a significant part in the devising process of the piece. The team worked creatively like a music group, each performer having and working with their own ”instrument”; either a real music instrument or a ”body-instrument” with some specific artistic skill.


2084 investigated our contemporary relationship to progress and great events of the history. In what way does the modern information overload affect our perception of reality? Our knowledge of things keeps growing and some progress is being made, but will also the individual human being develop along with this progress?

2084 had an installative character: the audience was led through different rooms of the gallery space, each space having a unique atmosphere and scenes created by the multi-faceted artistic team.

“The performance seems like an underground happening that has been created in a timeless space. The young serious men with their slick hairstyles and shirts buttoned up to the throat produce soundscapes to consciously interfere with the speech.” Jussi Tossavainen, Helsingin sanomat 05.04.2012

Directed by: Mikko Niemistö
Concept: Mikko Niemistö and Johannes Vartola
Sound design: Johannes Vartola and Ilpo Heikkinen
Performers: Inga Björn, Leena Harjunpää, Ilpo Heikkinen, Mikko Niemistö and Johannes Vartola

Premiered 2 April 2012 at Forum Box Gallery, Helsinki.
Supported by the Arts Promotion Centre of Finland and the City of Helsinki Cultural Office.