Mikko Niemistö 

Helsinki, Finland

Performance artist, choreographer, director.


2015- Mad House Helsinki, Curatorial team

2014- onemorequestion, Finnish-Austrian performance collective

2005- Mysteeri Co. art collective

Freelance artist


2017 Master of Fine Arts in Choreography, New Performative Practices, DOCH – Dans och circushögskolan, Stockholm

2011 Degree of Performing Arts, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki, Finland

2008 – 2010 Physical theatre studies, RESAD – Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático, Madrid, Spain

2003-2004 Interpretation, Lahti Institute of Drama, Lahti, Finland

2003 Matriculation examination (Graduation) from Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts, Helsinki, Finland

1995 – 2003 Dance, theatre and acrobatics studies, Vantaa Dance Institute, Vantaa, Finland

ARTISTIC WORK (selection)

2017 White Beauty, A nordic collaboration about extremism and radicalisation. As performer. Mellanmjölk productions. Finnish premiere at Korjaamo theatre 29th September. Norwegian premiere at Meteor 2017 festival, Bergen.

2017 Birthday #2, Solo performance, choreography, performance. Premiere at Weld, Stockholm 13th May 2017, Kutomo, Turku November 2017.

2017 Birthday, Solo performance, choreography, performance. Premiere at Mad House Helsinki 22th February 2017

2016 R.I.P. Services, Performance, script. An installation/performance. onemorequestion -collective. URB16 festival/Kiasma -teatteri.

2016- inventories, Concept/choreography. A project exploring the body image and materiality. Sanna Blennow and Mikko Niemistö.

2014-2015 YOYO – YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN Duties: Performer, Concept. A site specific performance. URB14 festival/Kiasma –teatteri. brut Wien 2015

2014 KA:LAB Duties: Concept, realization. An installation and an urban art piece. ESKUS – Performance Center, Kalasatama.

2014-2015 VIERASKIRJA (Guest Book) Duties: Performer. A dance-theatre piece about isolation and lonelyness. The Finnish National Theatre & Sivuun Ensemble.

2014 KALASATAMA WALK Duties: Concept, performance. A performative walking tour. ESKUS – Performance Center, Mad House, Amorph!14 -festival.

2014 SCRAPBOOK Duties: Concept/Director. A contemporary theatre piece about defining our life story. Mysteeri Co.

2013 – 2014 POTTUWARVAS SEIKKAILEE and POTTUWARVAS JA LENTÄVÄ MATTO (Adventures of Pottuwarvas and Pottuwarvas and The Flying Carpet) Duties: Performer. A series of two dance-theatre pieces for children. Tanssiteatteri Raatikko.

2013 THIS SIDE UP Duties: Performer. A performance for children that combines dance and puppetry. Kalteva Company.

2013 VAROKAA, PUNK TULEE! (Watch Out, Punk is Coming!) Duties: Director. A contemporary theatre piece about the punk movement. Mysteeriteatteri (Mysteeri Co.). Lainsuojattomat 2013 theatre festival.

2013 MIROSLAW BALKA: SIGNALS, Duties: Director. A participatory art piece. IHME Contemporary art festival.

2013 ÄITI JA POIKA (Mother and Son) Duties: Performer, text. A dance performance about the relation between mothers and sons. Isto Turpeinen. Stoa, Helsinki.

2012 2084. Duties: Concept, Director, Performer. A performance about the future and modern dystopies combining dance, music, circus, and performance art. Forum Box gallery, Helsinki

2011 HYRTSYGELI – RIKKINÄINEN KARUSELLI (Hyrtsygeli – The Broken Down Carousel). Duties: Actor. A travelling children’s play. Theatre Group Kirnaus, Helsinki

2011 LOVE! INSPIRATION! INNOVATION! Duties: Concept (group), Performer. Lecture performance about creative economy and innovation. Mysteeriteatteri, Helsinki

2010 (NTI) JULIE – MUISTOT: HYVÄT, PAHAT JA RUMAT ((Miss) Julie – Memories: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly). Duties: Performer. A dance performance about sexual identities. Theatre Academy, Helsinki

2007 CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Duties: Director. A play based on the cult novel by Anthony Burgess. Mysteeriteatteri.

2005 ISO VIHKO (The Notebook) Duties: Actor. A theatre piece. Mysteeriteatteri, Helsinki

2003 KAIVOKSEN LAPSET (Children of Mine) Duties: Actor. Main role in a short film. Broadcasted by Finnish broadcasting company YLE.

2003 TUMMIEN VESIEN TULKIT (The Poets of Dark Water) Duties: Actor. A Finnish television series broadcasted by Nelonen. Production: Säihky.

UNIVERSITY WORKS (as performer/director)

2010 DIKTAATTORI KUOLEE (Exit The Dictator) Duties: Director. Physical theatre performance. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki2007

2010 RETRATO DE FAMILIA (Family Portrait). Duties: Actor, assistant. A physical theatre piece. Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático, Madrid

2009 MAGDALENA POR NO STAR. Duties: Actor. A physical theatre piece. Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático, Madrid.

2009 MUJERES ANTE LA TUMBA (The Women at the Tomb) Duties: Actor. A physical theatre piece. Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático, Madrid.

2008 RIVIEN VÄLISSÄ (Between the Lines). Duties: Performer. A dance-theatre piece. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki


2017- Tanssiareena ry., member of the board

2012- Performance Center, Helsinki, community artist/urban artist

2011 Lighting design for the dance performance JÄLJET (Scars). Zodiak, Center for New Dance,Helsinki

2010 Assistant to the director in RETRATO DE FAMILIA (Family Portrait). RESAD, Madrid

2008 Co-director and lighting design for the play LINTU (Bird). Mysteeriteatteri.

2007- Substitute teacher in Vantaa Dance institute

2005- Member of Teatteriyhdistys Mysteeri ry. (Mysteeri Co.) Secretary of the board 2011- , Chairman of the board 2013-



Finnish – first language

English – fluent

Spanish – fluent