I am a choreographer and a performance artist from Helsinki, Finland with a backround in various styles of movement and contemporary performance practices. I approach choreography and performance with methods that I call dismantling, building and collage making.

In my works I draw inspiration from the various disciplines I have gone through during my artistic career, deconstructing, remoulding and redefining them continuously.

I do my own work and take part in collaborations and multifaceted collectives, like onemorequestion-collective, Mellanmjölk productions and Mysteeri Co. to name a few.

I completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in Choreography at the New Performative Practices -program of DOCH – Dans och Circushögskolan, Stockholm in 2017. I work mainly in Helsinki and Scandinavia. I am also part of the curatorial and artistic team of Mad House Helsinki, A production house for performance.

On this site you can find some information about my work and projects.